Women Backpack for School Style Leather Bag For College Simple Design Women Casual Daypacks mochila Female Famous Brands168-325

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Product Description

Our store offers return service.If you found any problem about the product after you received the

product within 15 day,such as damaged,accessories incomplete,send mistakenly,delivery late,

no matter what problem you found,

Please contact with us first before you open the dispute.

We would do our best to solve the problem as fast as possible.

Once we confirm that the problem of product is caused by us,we will re-send a new product to you .

Generally , we will ship your order in 1-5 working days.

If ship from , it’s about 10-60 days (Most countries only take less than 28 days)

If ship from The Russian Federation , most of areas is about 2-15 days.

Some areas is about 15-45 days(Only available on The Russian Federation)

Sometimes due to holidays or force majeure factors, Big promotion (11.11)

such as customs strikes ,bad weather, lead to logistics delays.

If the delivery date is coming , but you haven’t received the item ,

please cantact us to extend the delivery date.

This is our packaging. We will carefully package every product,

each product will have three protections: courier bags, air bags, gift bags.

You don’t have to worry about the damage of the goods during the transportation process.

If the damage occurs, you can contact the customer service to send a new one to you .

If you receive the item with any problem

Please cantact with us first,we always do our best to help cutomers solve problems.

We believe that the satisfaction of customers is our drive of progress.

“Win together with customers” is the true principle we should persist forever.

If you love our bags after receving the bags , please give us 5 Stars.

LIKETHIS, it sounds like Chinese English.

Yes,the founder of brand is a young chinese guy.We call him LIU.

Two s ago,LIU went to shopping with his girlfriend,they met a lady bag store.They love these

famous brands,but the high price stopped them.LIU love his girlfriend,

he used most of his savings to buy a famous brands bag for her girlfriend.

However,She refused.

“I hope that you can make a unique bag by yourself,just for me”,she said.

LIU was touched,

He finally understood that a girl needs not an expensive bag, but she needs a truly unique heart.

After six months, he created this brand and designed a new bag for her wife.

Yes,She has become his wife.

They design products together,with a minimalist design style,a heart for girls and dreams of life.

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